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Fine Woodworking

At Lindau Woodworks, I use the finest woods to create customized rocking chairs, cabinets, and other heirloom furniture. The majority of my work is done with domestic hardwoods that come from the Appalachian Mountains in the western part of North Carolina. These woods--such as Cherry, Curly Maple, and Walnut--allow me to create pieces that are strong enough to last for generations.

Materials alone cannot produce fine woodworking. I pride myself on using techniques that have been proven over hundreds of years. For instance, my rocking chairs are coopered, which allows for a curvature in the chair that is not present in most wood patterns. The shape and design of my pieces creates a level of comfort that simply cannot be matched by the majority of upholstered rockers on the market.

Fine Woodworking Designs
Combining tried and true methods with practices of my own has enabled me to find structural solutions for any new design that comes along. This means that I can customize furniture in a way to fit your needs. In fact, I can alter the figure of a chair to fit your specific height and weight. This means that when you sit down, you will be perfectly supported.

I can also customize my woodworking to reflect a motif or style that you have in mind. I can work from images that you provide, or you can view my past work to find elements that you find interesting from each. When creating custom woodworking, I draw from a variety of cultures and sources, so each piece is truly an original.

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